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ELR or Engineered Lighting Revolution was established in 2008 and has grown substantially reaching out to different parts of the world such as Australasia, Europe, Middle East, China & Hong Kong, India, and South East Asia. Focused on producing premium LED lighting solutions for commercial, retail, residential and industrial sectors, ELR have succeeded in designing LED products with its own key differentiators, innovative thinking and quality materials, with dedicated R&D to ensure its products are designed for convenience and a purpose.


Linear Works

Linear Works is incepted with the utmost passion to produce linear luminaires of the finest quality. With the uniqueness of implementing a modularity concept in linear luminaires by cut length basis, Linear Works offer full flexibility in terms of linear lighting design and customisations, hence providing complete solutions with linear luminaires. From design to manufacturing, product quality is well controlled and assured. With its very own research and development team, Linear Works is ever evolving with the latest technology, continuously innovating and expanding its products to serve various requirements.



Krobox has accumulated experiences and expertise in driving LED since 2008, especially with deep and smooth dimming, producing its first LED driver that is compatible with Schneider (Clipsal) C-bus leading/trailing edge dimming system. Krobox’s team of enthusiastic engineers with years of progress in LED driving technology has driven the innovation to provide reliable and high-performance LED drivers to the professional lighting industry through international corporation partners. The continuous progress in LED driving technology has produced LED drivers with wider dimming range of 0.1% to 100%, with advance dimming features for smoother dim-to-off with no “pop” effect, offering multiple digital dimming protocols that include Zigbee, Bluetooth, DALI and also analogue methods of 0/1-10V and phase leading/trailing edge dimming. Krobox constantly continues to innovate and are involved in Internet-of-Things (IoT) development of smart, cloud-based, and artificial intelligent (AI) lighting platform.



LUCITAG Ltd. is an innovative company founded by a team of LED lighting specialists that has been corroborating in the growth of LED from its very inception. As a lighting tailor, customer integrated lighting production is controlled at multiple levels, with quality control beginning at its inception with integrating designs and engineering according to customer’s demands. From the supply chain to manufacturing, LUCITAG strives in leading products that include seamless fit and finish crafted items with unique branding and heart engaging designs and customer experience inspired concepts. Its specialties and capabilities expand across nations and continents in metropolitan landmarks, merchant malls, hospitality centers, museums, and various other organizations and places. LUCITAG supplies a full spectrum of varying colours and intelligent white lighting solutions, also providing intricate control systems.



Founded in 1921, Helvar Oy Ab is one of the global leaders in DALI lighting systems and LED lighting solutions, providing both innovative wireless and connected solutions. Our mission is to Turn Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces, which are perfectly functional, intelligent and designed for the future. Helvar is headquartered in Finland, with regional offices in Sweden and the United Kingdom, and we work closely with a network of expert partners in over 70 countries.